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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog swap. I can also craft!

Sammy at The cookie button is organizing a blog swap, where you're paired with a blogger that talks about things you usually don't.
And my partner is Meggs, whose blog is, mainly, about crafts, so here I go!

I'm going to explain a bit how I paint my sneakers.

2-Water pot
5-Brushes (in different sizes and shapes)
6-Pots for paint
7-Plate for paint mixing
8-Acrylic paint
9-Glitter (optional)
12-Pot for mixing glue and glitter

Make a sketch of the color and design you want for your sneakers in a paper.

I usually cut all the imperfections the sneakers could have, but you don't really need to do that... that's just me being picky ^^'

Put tape arround the sneakers, so the non-canvas part can't get dirty.

Prepare your colors and pot with water.

Start painting!

I start with the background.

Don't fortget anything!

Acrylics dry pretty fast, so if you want to take a break, make sure to cover the pot so they're still usable once you're back.

Remember to paint every little space of canvas. Little things like that is what make the difference between crappy and nice.

Now that the background's dry, it's time for the pattern or whatever design you thought of.

I wanted to do some flowers, so I thought making a guide would be fast.

But even if you think so, it didn't work as nice as I thought, so I just kept painting them manually.

Once it's done, let it dry. As I said before, acrylic dry fast, so an hour or so will be more than enought.

This is optional, but I thought adding some glitter would it make look cute. Just a bit, too much is... too much XD
Got the tips for adding glitter to a canvas sneakers from violet le beaux, so thanks to her!

Mix glue and glitter in a pot. Paint.

Let it dry.

This is how it will look before it's dry. Don't get scared! It gets better later.

Done! Easy, isn't it! It just takes a bit of your time, but it's worth it.

See? You're ready to rock!

You can do whatever you can think of with them, after all, these are just canvas in a sneaker form!
These two are other examples of what you can do. For sale at my etsy shop!

Or, if you feel to lazy to make your own, I also accept requests, so don't hesitate to email me to ask for prices!