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Monday, August 16, 2010

Brand introduction. Delilah, or how to dress for a party

Barror is going to Japan in a month (I'm so jealous! haha) and since she said she found new brands from Japan that she likes now (and I'm sure will be visiting) throught my blog, I thought I could keep introducing other japanese stuff I like and things I want to do and places I want to visit once I can go back.

This is Aya chan, shop staff and model for the brand.

I'm going to introduce another brand I like lots. It's a dress and jewlery brand called Delilah, and their slogan is "Let's change before the party!". With that few, you can just imagine a bit how their clothing will be.




Many of you, mostly gal-oriented readers, will probably know a bit about this brand already, or at least, recognize the style of clothing, since it's one brand that appears frequently on gal magazines, mainly Ageha. Other magazines they got features in are Seventeen, Vivi and Popteen to name a few.

But! The brand appeared recently in Kera (not their first time there, tho), what demonstrates something I strongly believe in, it's not the brand who makes the style, is how people use the clothes that creates it. So, it doesn't matter if you're a gal, a fairy girl, or whatever, enjoy Delilah with your own style!

They mainly offer onepieces, but they also produce cute camisoles.

And jewlery, cute, sparkly and girlish jewlery.

Even swimsuits!

These two may be my most favorite in the whole shop. And I don't even like bunnies that much!

Delilah is situated near shibuya station, just a few streets away. Here you can see the location in google maps.
And they even have a webshop, in case you can't go in perston to the store (like me) and prefer to order online (I'd really rather go in person to the store though...).
Prices are surely a bit on the high side, but it's worth waiting for the sales, where they reduce the price quite a lot.

What do you think about this brand? Is this something you'd buy/wear? Everyday wear or just for parties?

Changing the topic, I participated in The cookie button blog swap, and my partner is Meggs, so I'll be talking about crafts tomorrow. Expect a diy tut tomorrow (I meant to post this Delilah entry yesterday night, so blog swap post will be ready this afternoon c:)!

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