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Friday, August 20, 2010

5am je t'aime and My Tokyo guide

5am Je t'aime is an asian oriented fashion and culture and inspiration blog not much older than 2 months and some days.
And they're generous enought to host a giveaway every month!
This second time, they were giving away an amazing art and fashion guide of Tokyo compiled, "compiled and designed by the Sydney & tokyo-based graphic & textile designer Eloise Rapp" is something that really caught my eye.
I love Tokyo, I love fashion and all this seen from a designer's perspective, is something that can't be missed.

It's too late to enter this giveaway, since I was the lucky one to win it! (I can't believe it yet), but you can always wait for next month's giveaway, that I'm sure will be as amazing as this month's!

I'm going to do a review of the guide as soon as I get it in my mail, se expect it. But I can already tell you how yummy it looks!

Thank you so much to the people at 5am je t'aime and to Eloise Rapp for the guide.

And now, go take a look at these people's blog, since I'm sure it's something you'll enjoy!