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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lolitas, decoras, gals and other japanese styles in Barcelona

Madame Chocolat is a shop that opened recently (June 12th) in Barcelona.
The cool thing about it is that it's a specialized clothes and accessories shop all about japanese fashion.
I haven't been to the shop yet, but you can see lots of pics in their blog. I'll try to go soon and take some pics to post here! I hope they let me! haha
If you happen to be in Barcelona, or live there, or whatever, just have the chance to take a look, the place is situated in Passeig de Sant Joan 5 (esquina Alí Bei).

And today, TV3 (important TV station from Catalonia) did a report about the shop and japanese fashion in Barcelona (and in Spain, kinda).

The video is 80% catalan and 20% spanish, so sorry about that, but still, you can see some cute girls.

They talk about what is fashion, and japanese fashion to them, how is it different here from Tokio, when they wear those clothes and a few more things.
And the people from the TV look kinda understanding and don't mess up with the explanations or anything, pretty odd coming from TV people.

On a side note, PetSugar is in the middle of her crusade for gettin her dream come true: being photographed by Jamie Nelson.
His photos are really something, so beautiful and poetic! And I'd really love to see the lovely PetSugar photographied by him, so please, go take a look at the post and help her in whatever way you can! c: