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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictures from Barcelona, with love.

This is a super rushed post, since I'm leaving in about half an hour.
Party at the beach tonight! Since it's "San Juan", celebrating the longest day of the year, or something like that. hahaa...
I'm not taking my camera with me (no battery+no time to charge D: bad organitzation!) so no great pics for tomorrow u,u
We don't have lots of fireworks anyways, so it's ok! (But I have lots of pics I made of fireworks, so if you're interested, tell me and I'll post some!)

Well, I've just scanned some pictures I took last year for my photography class. With my friend's analogic camera (since mine is broken now and forever more...*sobs*)

The color didn't come out well, since I had some troubles with the developing liquids and stuff.. but I like them lots anyways.

All of them are of Barcelona. Hope you like them!

I like this last one lots.

I know they look like photos taken 50 years ago, but I swear they were taken last year! haha

And I'm so glad Miruku got her package! She's the winner of my giveaway!
Thanks so much for your nice post <3