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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bit of sales talk.

So, do you like beauty products? Of course you do! Even if it's just perfume or hand cream.
Well, Yesstyle has now more than 8,000 beauty products on sale
Sale ends on June 28th, so hurry up to not miss the chance!

They have products from Anna Sui, Laneige and Shiseido (to name a few) at more than 30% discount, so this is a great opportunity to save some money and get great quality products.
Oh boy, how I love the fantastic internet. Buying things from the other side of the world, with great deals, and just waiting a week at most.

Jill Stuart mirror. A flower. A white flower. A white lace flower. What else shold I say?

I think I've never said this, but I'm not really a Hello Kitty fan, but I love the design of this perfume

Anna Sui oil control paper, another adorable item. Get your mermaids for 14USD (both)

This Guerlain make-up brush is so funky... I'd buy it just for the colors! haha

Another brand that's in the middle of sales (another 30% off!) is the clothing store Zoo.
What can I say, I'm a sucker for bows and pastels!♥

Anyways, I think they still have their 10USD discount coupon on facebook, so great deals combined together!
Edit, link here.

And something really interesting is their free shipping. You usually can have your items shipped to your home for free when your order is 150USD or more. Always. Check all the info here.

Now, I want to talk a bit about "real life" sales and why girlfriends shouldn't bring their boyfriends along to the stores.

Shops aren't famous for their big spaces. They're not like a webstore, where thousands of people can be there at the same time (if the server has enought capacity, that's it)
And when they have the space, it's probably because they're a super expensive brand and can afford not making use of that extra space, or if they do have lots of space, they fill it fast with lots of items. And again, no space even if the shop's as big as my house.

So I was a few days ago in H&M with a friend, looking at clothes (yes, just looking... poor me and my empty wallet) and we could barely move comfortably arround the place. It wasn't that the place was full of people. Just the average on a Friday afternoon. And suddenly I see a guy looking at the ceiling, bored. Poor guy, and poor me, he was blocking my way D:
He was probably forced (psycologically forced ahaha) by his girlfriend to go to the store, so I have nothing against him, but I do towards his girlfriend.

And then I start thinking, sales are in a few weeks! That means: all the girls that have been saving up for sales+all their boyfriends! Madness!
I thank the stars and whoever invented the sales, but I hate all the rest: busy staff that gets angry at anything, untidy stores, my money disappearing in the blink of an eye, and above all, people using space they don't even want to use and making things more difficult for everyone.

So please girls and boys arround the world, I'm so happy you found your special someone and you have them beside you, but if they don't care for clothes, or your clothes (of course they don't care because he/she'll like whatever you're wearing because you're fab anyways), don't make your partner go shopping with you. If you need reassurance or counseling, go with your friend, that one that'd go to the shopping store even if you weren't going with them.

Sincerely thankful,