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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel.

I just wanted to remind you all the giveaway's ending today!
You still have time to enter, so don't miss your chance! Enter here.

I'm going to the beach tomorrow! Yay! And thaking my snorkel equipment with me!
And what does beach make you remember? Diets! But I don't like them very much, instead, I try not to eat too much/eat healthier things and instead, do a bit of excercice (even if it seems I can't accomplish doing a bit everyday... I promise I'll try harder from now on!)

And here's where magazines come in hand once again. Mags like Zipper sometimes have a couple of pages with excercices you can do at home, not exactly to lose weight, since they're not really hardcore, but to stay fit. But if done regularly (I really think half an hour a day helps lots) can make you see a diference.

So whenever I download a magazine and see this pages, I always keep them apart in a special folder to use as a model. Goodbye to gyms! haha

This is just a couple of examples of excercices from magazines.
I've uploaded a few more into mediafire since it's more convenient to download them at once, isn't it?
Link here.
Feel free to repost this link anywhere (the pages aren't mine afterall...)

So, what're you going to do for the rest of the weekend?