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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giveaway winner and random things

Sorry about the lack of activity recently, got no internet service for the weekend and then couldn't announce the giveaway's winner on time!
But here I'm to amend it! Announcing the winner... *drum roll*

Miruku from Milk tea is the winner!
(I've already sent you an email!)
Althought I wish everyone could have won D:
Thank you for everyone who entered, your kind words and for keeping reading this blog!

I've been painting this past weekend. On sneakers!
I'm planning on selling them soon, so if you like them, keep an eye on the blog for cheaper prices! 8D
I really do like to costumize (more than making things from scratch I think) so this is a cool thing to do.
And a nice present to make too, so now that I've practiced with those, I'll get a pair for a friend and get them done for his birthday (in about two weeks).

I'm so messy!

First hand of paint!

Not done, but close!

Just felt like taking this picture! haha This is what I have above my computer.

Paint leftovers!

Also been looking at Mod Cloth's Swimsuits, and I have to say I'm in love with them!
And while I was browsing something curious happened. It has been discussed arround recently how there should be more pin-ups and chubby girls art in general, and since MC have two sizes of swimsuits also show two models: a skinny and a chubby one.

I'm I the only one who thinks the swimsuits look better on the girl on the right?

Oh, and one last yummy thing, Ribbonlicious is hosting a Kit-Kat giveaway here! (I love Kit-kats ;A;)