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Monday, June 28, 2010

Introducing brands: grimoire and tarock

As Mori-kei gets popular day by day, same is happening to dolly-kei.
I want to introduce a couple of stores where you can find dolly-kei clothes, just because I'm in love with them! haha I find them completely compatible with mori, and you can always find interesting things looking at places outside your style range of shops.
I'm not much into that style since, althought it also abuses lace and dresses and hair accessories with flowers on them, it also makes use of more layering, clothes and item overdose. I like to keep it simple and free.
But the style really catches your attention, and it's being featured in snapshots a lot. It's getting really popular.

But first, a little about dolly-kei. I only want to say I'm no expert and I talk based on what I've read so far here and there and what I've seen. No bashing please c:
The best way to understand a fashion is looking at pictures, more than reading about rules and what a *random style name here* is and means.
Obviously a style always comes from somewhere, and means something to people, but more than anything, is something to have fun with imho.
Pics from Tokyo fashion taken at Grimoire's 2nd year anniversary.

Fur, Napoleon jackets, teddy bears, velvet, rouge, lace, huge hair arrangements, cameos, vintage accessories, flowers,... you get the idea.
The thing is, dolly kei can be taken in lots of different ways, if you take a look at the whole set, you'll notice there isn't a stric, clear and easy to follow definition of dolly kei. And I kinda like it that way.

Grimoire + twitter
"European and US antique"
You probably recognized Kaori Ogawa in the pictures, she's a model that appears in Cutie magazine and is a Grimoire staff and manager (right on the pic down here).
Together with Naoaki Tobe (owner) were the pioneers behind the Dolly-kei fashion.

Their store, situated between Harajuku and Shibuya, sells vintage, second-hand and anything that can have more years than your granny.
The fashion itself takes inspiration from antique Europe and America, and likes anything magical, fairies, old books, nature and animals, etc
So that's what you'll find in their store.
I recommend reading this article for more information and awesome pictures.

Just amazing and so beautiful I could die!

Women and men's wear, shoes and accessories. More info about the shoppe here.
I don't know much about this brand, since I've just found it recently, but its shop is placed in Harajuku (how odd XD).
And sells dolly-key clothing, thus it being featured in this post, haha
Has a few pics in their site, no online shop and just a map to their location, but all the clothes they sell look pretty. Probably second-hand/vintage most part of them.
And the interior of the shop just looks beautiful! I'd just go to the shope to see the whole place.

I love the bunny shaped shoes at the top ;A;

kiticlik to see it bigger.

The only thing I know is that they're the responsibles of this, and I want it like mad!