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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I come back from dinner and what do I find... a message from PetSugar telling me I got this!

PetSugar is a blogger I started following a while ago, even before starting to comment on her entries and way before I started this blog, just because everything related to her is cute!

And now she creates an award and I'm one of the first people to get it! I have butterflies in my tummy!
So I want to say thank you so much! I'm incredibily happy to know someone likes this places as much as I do and I'm going to attach this to my sidebar right now!

Now, following the rules...

3 reasons why I'm cute myself... I like to wear bows! I wear skirts as much as I can! and... I like to do my hair! (this reminds me... I'm posting soon about my favorite hair-tutorials from magazines)

Post a picture of yourself as a young little cutie.

I don't know if you meant it literally, but this is from when I was... 4-5 yo I think. Helping my mum with Christmas dinner! (And I miss my natural blond hair ;_;)

Describe the least cute thing you do. Hum... I can't say in public the least cute thing I do! I'm a lady! XD but the second one could be... I don't talk in a hight pitched voice? Japanese girls do that to seem cuter... XD (I never understood why they do that, it's pretty annoying in most cases)

Post a picture/video you find incredibly cute to the point of melting.

Guess who she is... right! MEG! XD twice in a row... wow!
I'm in love with the parts where she's in that kind of garden with the kitties...

So well, to match this entry, I leave you all with what have been my nails until a couple of days ago.

Ahargrha aren't they a bit creepy? I swear my hands are nicer in real life.

Actually, this was painted with the actual nail polish, hur hur.
And it's from H&M, super cute color but super smelly too, better have your windows wide open when you're doing your nails with this!


PetSugar said...

wow i'm so touched. i didn't expect so many kind words towards myself! and yes you got it right XD a literal picture of you as a young cutie!!! and that one is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! your expression is so cute! i love that you displayed it on your sidebar with pride. now the world can know you are special in PetSugars eyes :) and should be in theirs too.

Keep up the great work :)

さらまり said...

Congratulations on getting that lovely award! Everything is so cute, especially the photo of you when you were little^^

Noncsika said...

FELICIDADEES! lo mereces, tu blog es muymuymuy cute~ ;u;

Miruku said...

Hello, thank you for following my blog <3 Now I'm following you too!
Well done for getting the award. I love Pet Sugar's blog, it's so cuuuuute! By the way, your drawing skills are amazing!

Sasa said...

PetSugar-I'm glad I did things right XD I always end up messing something
x3 I really like pics from when I was little, maybe I should do a picspam of myself?? o_o

Saramari- Thank you x33 Aw, I really feel happy when everyone says cute all the time XD

Noncsika- graaaaa~cias <3 felicidades a ti tambien! tu tambien tienes cosas super chulas!

Miruku- No prob at all! It's a super nice blog <3
I'm glad you like my drawings! x3 people telling me things like that really cheer me up!

Riechan said...

congratulations on the cute award you got!!

Sasa said...

Riechan- Thank you! x33