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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snapshots and street style coordinates

Something I love from japanese fashion magazines are that they always come with snapshots of people in the streets. Aaah street fashion, I love you!

So here I leave my fav shots from Nylon, Vivi, Scawaii, Cutie, Jille and SpyGirl may/april/june.
Not all the coordinates are street shots, but mainly.

I love marine items so much I had to post two whole pages worth of marine snaps!

I love Estelle's music <3>

It's so cute how socks and pumps work together so well!

Bonus! Super cute MEG for Candy stripper's show♥


さらまり said...

That's a nice collection of various styles and looks!

PetSugar said... there is something for you here!