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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Parc de la Ciutadella. Heavy pic ahead.

If you ever come to Barcelona, one place that's always on the tourist guides but that's worth visiting (perfect place to take a niiiiice nap) is Ciutadella's park. It's right next to the zoo, so you can't get lost (that's a lie, I got lost last week when I was supposed to take Laura and her friends there... but well, I'm dumb anyways).

My mum booked a guided visit to the park, but she couldn't come in the end (she prefers the beach...hah) so Silvia came with me. Anyways, they told us a lot of things about the park, and got to see unexplored (by me) parts of it.

I highly recommend it!

Also, there was this super fashionable granny in our group. I forgot to ask her where she got her shoes! Damn me!

We were supposed to visit the greenhouse but it's being remodeled so I only could take pics from outside...
These last pics have a somewhat romantic feeling to them... Well, I was listening to Coeur de pirate while editing them.

I took so many pics! And I'd love to show you them all, but that would mean editing nearly 200 pics and I don't really feel like it! haha, sorry!