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Monday, May 17, 2010

Magazines. 2nd edition

I've got tons of topics and ideas for posts lately, but I just downloaded these two mags *ahem* and so I felt the urge to post about them!

First one talks about Mori interior design!
And second one is about dolls, with super pretty blythe on the cover, so enjoy the cuteness!
(you can download the whole magazine throught the link on the title)

Mori interior and lifestyle book. Mori girl room
Not summer styling yet, but not too far!

Lace, wood, lots of books, crafting materials here and there, the obliged camera, green (plants), glass. Obviously since one's own room is the extension of your own self, like choosing your style is too, an interior book was a must. And this one is pretty nice.
Two of my fav shots. I'm definetely cleaning my cork board and putting there all my necklaces and shu-shus!

This mag features the ABC of the mori girl, kind of, so it shows quite a lot of mori-ish objects, motifs and ideas.
I love how they talk about general stuff (like lace, keys, fur,...) and in-between they talk about Q-pot specifically. So Q-pot is to Mori what, for example, Lip Service could be to Gal? Nice.

Mori also loves hand-made, so lots of that too.

With lots of shops where you can go (in Japan ahaha) get your mori needs.

I've already written about Made in Colkinikha once, but super lightly, so I'll be doing a more in-deph post about it soon.

Dolly doll

They talk about all kinds of dolls (well, not ALL, but all that are trendy like blythes, pullips and dolfies for example, even some barbies (but bleh).

Also has some snaps of rements and animal-like dollies. It's a great source of inspiration x3

I've seen the frog-doll a few times in pupe, and people really do cute things with them! I wouldn' mind getting one!

The mag features some tutorials too (patterns for clothes, making doll furniture, even one for sewing a bear!), which is one of the things I love the most in a magazine of any kind!

So, what are your fav magazines? Do you like to read them online or you prefer the paper thing?