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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hair tutorials

I haven't been feeling like doing anything lately (except for getting things ready for the first giveaway haah), not even posting (D:).I think it's due to the wheather... it's starting to get hot here and this always turns me into an (even more) unproductive person.

But! I know the more I keep being like that, the less I'll post.

So here I bring my most favorite hair-tutorials from magazines.
I really like to read any kind of fashion magazine (as long as I find it interesting), I don't care if it's aimed to gyarus or mori girls, from sweet to indie. If I like it, I'll read it. So that's what you'll find in this selection, hair styles from a lot of diferent magazines and styles.

This second one is so tricky to do!

I like intrincate hair-doings a lot!

Braid hearbands are super cool!

I love the first girl, she's so super cute!

Also, here's the last hint about the first giveaway!

aahaha yay me for bad-quality-pic from webcam

I'll write all the details about it tomorrow, but this is the first part of a bigger giveaway (with bigger news too!).
Hope you all get as excited as me for this all!