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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coordinate catch up

I've been away this past few days, that means, no updates! Sorry!
Laura came to Barcelona with her school last week and so I had to meet up with her! x3
Been sleeping since she left yesterday (wow, sleeping for 14 hours nonstop! that's a first for me XD and I don't know what to think about that), so I'm posting a little bit something now.

So, outfit post!

That's it, picnic day. Yesterday with Laura to say goodbye ;A;
She was going back to Finland today at 4 am @_@

My cousin (3yo) was having a sing-thing with the school, so I went with my aunt to see him.

I don't remember where I went dressed like this...

Friday night was party time, we went to Razzmatazz and lost my camera ;A; I'm so dumb!
But I made a hair-bow with my own hair <3 that was nice.
Also, used some broken tights and made some new holes to it hahah