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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blythes are the cutest dolls

Post dedicated to PetSugar since I said I'd upload some of my blythe's pics.
Hope you like them♥

Lots of people don't like Blythes, they say they're scary with those big eyes. In fact, Kenner stopped making Blythes because little girls were scared of them. I kind of understand it... Kenner's Blythes are a bit creepy, I definetely prefer Takara's. Plus, they make cuter CMs.

But I love them, Blythes are the only dolls I own (that doesn't mean I don't like other kinds!). Her name is Tàbatha and she's an Enchanted Petal.

Close-up of her custom chips. Shinny baby blue and white roses.♥

Tried them on her but they look weird, so I'm saving them for my next blythe♥

Bonus track!

Tàbatha right now, Mori bonus and puripic!

One place where I love to waste my time is Yahoo Japan Auctions. People is really amazing, and they make beautiful things. It's also a good source for chips and other stuff to costumize your Blythe. Got Tàbathas custom chips from there!

Some of my fav customs

Unexpected change of plans happened today, so the giveaway might have to wait a week more than what was expected D: But got some great things today thought!
So here's another hint~