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Monday, April 12, 2010


If I had the money, I'd be a compulsive buyer.
But since I don't, I only can dream of being one.

But one hability I certainly have is this one that allows me to find the prettiest of the stores on the web.

So yesterday was that time of the week (sometimes month) that I find pretty stores.

Then was when I started my list of ...

Just a quick list (only 3 pairs).
Just 3 on my wishlist?? obviously no XD Just wait a bit and you'll see the rest.

This are from Rapty (, a super nice japanese store that sells lots of clothes and accessories too.
Nothing really new, super classic. But I've wanted a pair like that for quite a long time now.

This site's not english-friendly, so you can't order directly from them if you don't know japanese (doubt they send overseas anyways). But I'd like to buy from them anyways, not expecting much about the quality, the price is pretty cheap.

Rowky is a corean shop with lots of nice things too ( They copy quite a lot of japanese clothes and accesories, they even use magazine pages and spank! logos, but they also have original pieces.

First pair, I saw similar ones at H&M once, and fell in love, but when I came back to get them, they weren't there... I've been thinking about them since then.

And about the second pair, I've seen that kind of shoes often in magazines, and I think they combine nicely with quite a lot of things.

Unless you know corean, it's best to use a shopping service, since the whole site is in corean, and I can't even find if they ship internationally (I suppose they don't, since they don't have an english version of the site or the shopping cart).

That two sites were my yesterday's big find. Another store where I could go broke.
Do you have any interesting online stores to share?

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