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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Waiting for summer

This summer, I've decided, will be a marine and kind-of-mori summer.
I've never had a really strong fashion sense, or the will to buy clothes while thinking about the rest of my wardrobe. I always picked anything I liked, not worrying about if that matched with the rest of my clothes or if I had any shoes for it.

So this summer I want to be more consistent and keep with the marine theme.
I love the beach and I spend most of my summer-time there (or super near), and I love marine items, so no other reason needed.
And I think the white and lacy side of the mori trend just gets along super-well with what I have in mind.

Now with this strong conviction I present my latest purchases for summer!

Shirt from H&M, 4,99€. Super big (it's an M, couldn't find an S) and super comfortable too. White with thin orange stripes. Orange is not my color, but this is a soft kind of orange and isn't the main point of the shirt. so it's ok.

Pants from H&M too, got them for 5€, they were on sale!
I didn't have any pair of long jeans, so that was a major cause buy. And the patches make them look cute and not as plain as any other pair of jeans. Just what I need!

Socks from H&M too (I'm an H&M addict or what?!). Super cute! Got them for 2,99€ or so. They're a creamy color with sewed dots on them in a darker tone. Combine perfectly with the jeans and the Blanco shoes.
Got another pair for the same price with a floral print. Don't know what to do with them. Yet.

Shoes from Blanco. 19,99€. Plain an simple, but more comfortable than most of the heels I've tried on that store.

Also got a pair of flower tights from Blanco (for about 6€) and a pair of socks, like the H&M ones, just pink with black dots... impulsive buy since they were 3€ and I don't know how to match them XD *fails*

And last but not least, I also got a new pouch for 3€, what can I say, it's gold! Perfect marine item, imho.
Also got this ruffle vest from H&M for 10€.
What to wear with it is now my biggest question.
(see what I said about buying without thinking?...)

Enought for now, huh?
I'll show you my marine collection next time.

P.D.: I'm sorry about the pic's quality... I promise I'll try harder next time!


Bianca said...

Love your illustrations and love these pieces!! I think i'll be having a mori summer as well XD

genie espinosa said...

genial el blog! ya tienes uan seguidora más!!! :DDDDD
muy muy chuli!! :DDD

genie espinosa said...

vull els mitjonets de floretes! així que quan me mare em torni la visa anem un día de compres peroyá!!! quines coses més maques has trobat!

Sophia Alexandra said...

I love the art work on your layout and that cest is adorible! >3 love your blog!

さらまり said...

Your drawings are so cute. It looks like you are going to have a wonderful summer wardrobe^^