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Sunday, April 11, 2010

First entry!

Kind of testing this.

So, welcome to my blog!
This will be a mix of fashion, ilustration,portfolio and the parts of my life I find might interest other people.

I love mori-girl style, spank! and fairy kei, and anything that has lace or baby pink in it. Cream is okay too.

Plus, clothes and animals are super fun to draw. Sometimes I like to draw the recipes of my own (or my dad's) made-up ways of cooking.
Random thoughts may appear here too.

Another thing I love to do is shop and hunt for clothes I'd like to buy (mainly from internet). So I like to draw clothes too. Combinations, things I've found,...

More things I like... travel! and make friends arround the world (so I can go visit them XD) so don't be afraid to comment.

So, that's me.
I hope you like this place, and visit and comment often!

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