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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hairstyle inspiration compilation post.

Last time I did a hairstyle inspiration post was at the beginning of Autumn, and now it's Winter alreday, so maybe it's time to get some more inspiration.
This scans come from magazines such as Tomotomo, Fudge and Zipper, which always come with lots of interesting resources.
You can download these magazines in the magazine download page.

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials, I thank the magazines every night for them!

Not a tutorial, but wouldn't it be awesome to style our hair like it was some deer's horns?

Short, medium and long lenghts included, you'll find some inspiration for sure!

Cute Tomotomo models are cute
How to wear accessories with cute hairstyles (winter usamimi!).

Plus, a few 5-days hair-coordinate, very interesting.

There are a bunch more of pages I included in this zip file you can download over at the magazine download page, so don't think this is all the inspiration you're going to get from me today!

So, where does your hair inspiration come from? What do you like to do with your hair? Are you the lazy type, or hair is what you care the most about your appearance?