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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know summer is here when you see jellyfishes.

I'm a bit sad to say this, but I'll pretty much will be taking a week off from bloggin'!
A friend's coming to stay at my house for a few days and so, I won't have much time to spend arround here (don't think I'll be commenting much on your entries either, I'm so sorry! But I promise I'll do a catch up when I'm back c:)

Anyways, good news! I got another job interview tomorrow! Just for the weekends, but at least it's something. I may be able to go to Manchester for Laura's birthday party if everything goes well ;A;
Also, my teacher said she got today my zoo card, so I can go for free anytime I want! yay! More animal drawings!
I'll go get it tomorrow too. And will go fetch Mayuko at the airport tomorrow too. I'll have a really packed day! hah

And remember I said something about a camera? Didn't get the subaquatic camera yesterday, since the one I wanted was sold out and I wanted to compare prices/properties before buying a different one. They're all 20€ or so above what I wanted to spend, but one has video recording too, so I'll probably get that one.

Video recording to film jellyfishes as big as the ones I saw last weekend! They were BIG! Creepy and cool at the same time! hhaa
There were a lot, but the sea is biiig, and deeeep, so it didn't look as if.

First drawing is what I think I saw. Translucent/white jellyfish with a bit of blue. About 30cm long.
My dad almost touched one accidentally! He freaked out a bit! haha

Then, I got home and searched on the internet which kind of jellyfish it was.
The closest one I could find wasn't exactly what I saw. At least I think so.
Rhizostoma pulmo. Scientific name.

So, do you have any nice experience with jellyfishes? Own a subaquatic camera? Any recommendations?