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Friday, April 23, 2010

Yuu dressing in mori

My rikaichan is failing on me, so I don't know what's exactly happening but Yuu Kimura (peep4you, kera model) posted in her blog a couple of days ago about a photoshoot she did.

And her styling and clothes were so mori I was surprised!

What was that photoshoot for? Which magazine? I'm dying to see it! XD

Anyways, she looked super cute as always. I super-love her a lot.

Want to know something sad? She once came to Barcelona (about 6 months ago or so) and I couldn't meet her since I didn't know she was coming! I felt so bad when a friend of mine showed me her pics...

Anyways, here are the pictures from her blog.


Anyone knows something?


Kat said...

I like her better with short hair actually! the short curly perm is just soo fab! ^_^

I'm Kat by the way. Started on blogspot! Let's be friend followers on here! ^O^

Sasa said...

@Kat: Yes! I like her more with ruffled hair too x3
And nice to meet you ^^ yes! let's be friends <3