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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer hair

My memory's pretty bad, so unless I write things down, I'm most likely to forget them, being them things I like or not.
(Also, sorry about this long absence, got no internet service until today!)

This time I made a "list" of hairstyles I wear the most, find super cute and want to try.
I've learnt most of this from magazines, but there's always a bit of imagination when doing my hair.

Usually, for schooldays I just brush my hair since I wake without enought time to do anything (I liiiike to sleep). But when I have the time, I love to do my hair and use hair accessories.

So here is a selection of hairstyles I plan on using this summer. I'll leave my hair accessories for another entry.
(as always, click on the pictures to see them bigger)

This is one of the styles I wear the most. It's pretty quick to do once you get the jist of it and looks super cute. I always use that transparent elastic bands since I like how the braids look as they were magically tied XD but one can always use some flower-bands or something.

This one is one of my most favorites, like the one above. It's super easy to do, is super confortable in summer and I have lots of ribbons to go with it!
Besides, you can always make simple variations depending on how loose you make it, bigger or smaller, fluffier, ...

I wear this one when I feel my hair's dirty. Since my hair is a bit greasy, I try to wash it every two days, so the second day I feel like I haven't washed it in weeks (even if it's perfectly fine).
That's why I like to braid my fringe, so I can feel better with my hair (the fringe is the part that looks dirty, so braided fringe=clean hair XD...).

This is the last (but not least) of my top 4.
Pretty simple but cute nonetheless. I like to use a big shu-shu on top of the tail. It just makes me look more childish, but I like it XD

These two are a pair I'd like to try. They're using the now trendy headbands (talking about headbands, I'd really like to get a braided one... I haven't seen any in the shops i usually go) and look simple and easy to do, so perfect for a party in the beach!.

I've always used them, mostly at home, since I have thin hair and they tend to fall off my head... not really comfortable when you're outside.

Another thing that's pretty trendy right now are flower bands (or shu-shu/シュシュ as japanese like to call them) or just fluffy bands. Everything revolves about the flower/natural trend.

Other hairstyles I find cute are these were you ruffle your hair, do random bucles and give a lot of volume. I do like volume *nods* Somethin my hair is against, sadly.

Ribbons to adorn your hair. Always trendy, always cute.

So, what are your favorite hairstyles? Where do you find your inspiration when doing your hair?


さらまり said...

Oh your sytles look so great for summer! Very girly and airy^^

I also like all the photos of hair accessories that your posted. I am still not so good at doing my hair, so everything inspires me hehe^^

Sasa said...

@さらまり aww thank you!
Hair accessories are addicting!
You should practice more with your hair, it's super fun!

PetSugar said...

wow i love your blog! thank you for linking me. wow your hairstyle drawings are so cute!!!!!!!

Sasa said...

@PetSugar: thank you so much! x3
I absolutely love your blog, so it's a pleasure! <3