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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Barbie-inspired and with an 80s feeling, Katie's a super sweet and girly brand.

From their website
TAKI & LINDA's brand "Katie" was born with its core theme of "Girly & Rock steady".
The collection is inspired by TAKI & LINDA's love of music, movie, artists, punkband.......and more!
Katie seeks a style which has a girl's charm.
any girl has a specially power, that is "pretty" side and "dark" side.
Katie fans are aged between 20-30 and are working girls, fashion people, band girls and many other kind of cult girls!
Katie had its 10th anniversery in 2007 and continue to pursue the original Katie style!

Katie's 2010 catalogue, Spring and Summer collection.
(When viewing the catalog in the web, you can see the details of each item clicking on it.)

My pick-ups
Super sweet onepiece. Dots and pastels, what else do I need?

I don't know why, since this isn't the type of jewlery I wear (if I wear any), but I find this lovely and pretty summerish.

All the clothes are pretty average and following the main trend this year, but the way they show the clothes and the feeling the whole brand and the catalogues gives, makes it so appealing.
I'd really like to visit their store just to see how it is!


さらまり said...

You are right, their catalog is such a cute presentation! Everything looks really summery and bright^^ Thank you for introducing this brand^^

genie espinosa said...

me acabas de matar!! PEDIDO YA!

insertcake said...

awesome pictures, so inspiring ♥ the onepiece is my favorite too because of the cute design and colorful polka dots!