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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is famous for her vintage inspired prints, mixing the whimsical the classic and the nostalgic. Pretty and stylish clothing and accessories, gorgeous home accessories and tempting stationery and books. You can also buy Cath Kidston fabric by the metre if you feel like working her prints into your own creations!

I first got to know them throught a book I bought in Manchester last summer. I didn't know anything about them, I just liked vintage, and that book was called "tips for vintage style" and was pretty cheap, so I got it.

And a couple of weeks ago I downloaded a japanese magazine dedicated to them.

This brand is getting pretty popular in Japan now. I've already seen quite a few people wearing things from them. And I can't blame them, their patterns, their products, even their marketing and philosphy. They all just seem so nice and produce such cute and beautiful things, they had to become big.

They also have an online magazine with topics, interviews, a cute photoshoot and more. A 100-pages long magazine worth taking a look.

I'll scan my book soon, so I'll post again about them. Meanwhile, you should delight yourself with their creations!

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さらまり said...

Oh they do have very cute prints! I know their pouches are very popular, but I didn't know they made clothing too.

Sasa said...


yes, I was surprised too!
they actually make a lot of housewear and even suitcases!

Sasa said...

Muchas gracias! ^^
I'm glad you liked it <3
I'll be scaning a book by Cath Kidston soon, so wait for it! :3