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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make-up hand-me-downs

It seems like my mum has been reading my mind lately.
First I noticed my blush (the one on the right, Maybeline) was starting to run out, on the same day, she gave me hers (the one on the left, Bobbi Brown) without me saying anything.
For which I'm really glad, since I'm in love with Bobbi Brown's pale pink blush! (I used to secretly borrow it from her, now there's no need for that!)

A few days later I started to notice how my brown eye pencil was getting smaller and smaller.
Then my mum suddenly took out all the make-up she was not using anymore and gave it to me. And one of the little treasures was this brown Lancôme pencil.
Which is really nice and lasts longer than the Elisabeth Arden I was currently using (which my mum gave for my birthday last year).

So yeah, my mum's the make-up gurú at home! haha

I'm really curious, who's your personal make-up "gurú"? Or the person/people/site you turn to when facing make-up dilemmas?