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Friday, April 30, 2010

Peek inside my bag

This is what I usually carry in my bag everyday, besides the eventual items like school things or whatever I may need for that day.

Bottle of water (preferably 2l.)
Pouchette with a band-aid, gloss, clip, ibuprofeno, mirror and sometimes contacts case
Mobile phone
Puchi purse with little money, credit cards, ID, subway ticket and medical card
Drawing pad, pencil, rubber, pen

I usually bring my camera arround too.
Oh, and I forgot to draw a book... I always carry a book with me whenever I have to take the subway.
And I wish I had a little-sized mascara. That would be really useful. I wonder if they exist?

So, what are that items, no matter what, you always carry arround in your bag?

And talking about nice things, I went to a picnic today <3 so fun, and bought some plants that smell super good, so expect a post about all that tomorrow :3


Vaik said...

jope, cada vez adoro mas tu blog ; A ; envidia x 1000!

esto de la bolsa lo habia visto en flickr, pero con fotos claro . u . me encantan estas chorraditas que te permiten cotillear las cosas de los demas ;D (igual que las cosinas monas/maquillajes/habitaciones)

mi primer coment aqui, pero no el ultimo~~!


Sasa said...

Vaik- aiiins grasias grasias <3 me llena de orgullo y satisfacción..

En el flickr pongo todas las fotos, para no subirlas al blogger <3
cotiiilla~~ XD que buena vecina seras cuando te independices.

Riechan said...

I always take the normal things with me like my mobile phone, wallet, ... Besides that I care a pencil, eraser and a little sketch book with me, I just love drawing ^^ Most of the time (if my purse allows it) I have my camera in it too.

Sasa said...

Riechan- When an idea strikes you is better to hace a sketch book with you! x3

さらまり said...

I love how you drew out everything rather than photograph it as people usually do^^

dish said...

Hello! (Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! <3)

I love your illustrations for this; super neat idea. Your drawing is really cool and stylized, too. 8D

Those keys and straps are badass. >D

Sasa said...

Saramari- Thank you x3 I think it's more interesting drawing it than taking pics since, in my case, the result's better!

Dish- thank you so much!
Actually, my mum got the straps for me in Harrod's on our first time in London x3 She has the same in another color.